How the World and Slovakia View Migration

Drawing on the results of a worldwide survey conducted in 142 countries, 43 per cent of people favour increasing or keeping the numbers of immigrants in their countries stable, while only 34 per cent support lower levels of immigration.

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Join the „i am a migrant“ campaing

It is important to show that behind every migrant, there is a story worth hearing. Share your migrant story through the "i am a migrant" campaign that promotes better perception of migrants and migration.

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Missing Migrants Project

IOM shares regurarly updated data on deceased and missing migrants around the world, on migration flows, transit routes, and other important data on recent trends on migration in Europe.

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About IOM

International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the leading international, inter-governmental organization in the field of migration. It acts in accordance with the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits both migrants and society. IOM has been active in Slovakia since 1996 where it continuously implements various projects and activities in the areas of migrant integration, assisted voluntary returns, counter trafficking, resettlement of migrants and coordination of the European Migration Network activities.

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News & Events

Slovakia Provided Temporary Shelter to Another 110 Refugees

Between January and April 2016 the International Organization for Migration transferred another 110 refugees of mostly Somali and Sudanese nationality to Slovakia. The transferred refugees are vulnerable families with children and individuals from refugee camps in Eritrea and Lebanon who had to flee their home countries due to ongoing conflicts and their return home is not possible. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees included the refugees in its programme of humanitarian transfer and within its framework the refugees will be resettled through the territory of Slovakia to a third country which will give them a new home.


IOM Launches a Vaccination Programme for Refugees Resettled through Slovakia

At the end 2015 International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched a vaccination programme within its existing programme of the Humanitarian transfer of refugees under the protection of UNHCR through the territory of Slovakia. This programme is targeted at refugees who are accommodated in the Emergency Transit Centre (ETC) in Humenne preparing for their resettlement to the United States of America. These refugees are entitled to a series of vaccinations against hepatitis, measles, diphteria, pertussis, tetanus and other diseases.


RELEASED: Newsletter of the IOM Office in the Slovak Republic, Issue 1/2016 – April 2016

Check out the brand new issue of the IOM Slovakia Newsletter 01/2016 – available in English and Slovak language. If you wish to receive the IOM Slovakia Newsletter directly to your e-mail, you can subscribe here: http://iom.sk/en/subscribe-to-iom-bratislava-newsletter.

Get Familiar with the Important Areas of Life in Slovakia – Courses of Social and Cultural Orientation for Foreigners in Bratislava and Kosice

IOM Migration Information Centre (MIC) in 2016 continues to organize free courses of social and cultural orientation for non-EU nationals. Courses are offering interesting topics that will help you to navigate through the important areas of life in Slovakia and will facilitate the first steps for newcomers in new country. Courses take place once a month in MIC in Bratislava and Kosice.  In order to get more information about the courses, please call 0850 211 478, visit website www.mic.iom.sk or send an e-mail to mic@iom.int.

Courses on social and cultural orientation for foreigners in Bratislava and Kosice were attended by 108 persons in 2015.


EMN is Preparing 5 New Studies in 2016

In 2016, International Organization for Migration (IOM) as the coordinator of European Migration Network (EMN) activities in Slovakia is preparing five new publications: Annual Report on Migration and Asylum Policies in the Slovak Republic in 2015; Approaches to Rejected Asylum Seekers in the Slovak Republic; Resettlement and Humanitarian Admission Programmes in the Slovak Republic – What Works?; Searching for a Family Life – The Right to Family Reunification: National Practices; and Illegal Employment of Third Country Nationals in the Slovak Republic.

See the EMN studies published up to 2015.


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IOM - Join the I am a migrant campaign | #iamamigrant

Join the i am a migrant campaign

It is important to show that behind every migrant, there is a story worth hearing. Share your migrant story through the "i am a migrant" campaign that promotes better perception of migrants and migration. And invite others to do the same! More information can be found at http://iamamigrant.org.

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EMN Asylum and Migration Glossary in 23 languages

The third edition of the multilingual dictionary in the area of migration and asylum contains more than 400 expert terms in 23 European languages including Slovak. The Glossary is designed for professionals from state and public administration, policy makers, lawmakers, researchers, academics, journalists and other experts dealing with the topic of migration and asylum. It is prepared by EU Member States, Norway and the European Commission. The Glossary is available also as an interactive tool.

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