Introduction of International Organization for Migration (IOM)

IOM is an international organization which was established in Geneva in 1951. Initially, the organization assisted in the resettlement of Europeans who were displaced in the aftermath of World War II. In the following decades, the number of migrants has grown rapidly and migration has become one of the most critical social issues affecting modern societies. Consequently, IOM’s portfolio of activities has diversified and nowadays the organization addresses numerous areas of migration management. In 2011, IOM celebrated its 60th anniversary. Throughout the 60 years, IOM helped more than 14 million migrants worldwide and had become one of the key international agencies for migration in the world.

IOM has been active in Slovakia since 1996 when the agreement was signed between the Slovak Government and the International Organization for Migration leading to the establishment of the IOM office in Bratislava. In 2000, the branch office in Košice was founded. The main operational areas of IOM Slovakia are: assisted voluntary returns; integration of migrants; counter-trafficking and assistance to trafficked persons; activities in the area of resettlement of migrants; and coordination of activities of European Migration Network.

IOM places the provision of assistance to migrants at the top of its priorities: during 19 years of our mission in Slovakia we have assisted 1,500 migrants to return safely home to their countries of origin; Migration Information Center IOM has provided consultation services to over 9,700 clients and their families who needed information and help regarding residential issues and integration in Slovakia; moreover we assisted with returns and social re-integration to nearly 140 victims of human trafficking. We use our experience and information gained through direct support of migrants for capacity building of key actors in the area of migration, for raising awareness on migration and integration of migrants as well as for conducting research.

IOM activities are funded solely through its projects. IOM expresses its gratitude to the European Commission, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic as well as the US government who are currently the main donors of IOM Slovakia.