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Temporary Shelter to Another 66 Refugees in the Programme of Humanitarian Transfer of Refugees and Other Persons of Concern Recognized by UNHCR through the Slovak Republic

In September 2015 the Slovak Republic provided a temporary shelter on its territory to 66 Somali refugees from Eritrea. IOM transferred the refugees to Slovakia where they are temporarily accommodated in the Emergency Transit Centre (ETC) in Humenne. The families were forced to flee their home country due to ongoing conflicts and fear for their own lives. Because many of them were stranded for years in refugee camps without hope of returning home, they were provided international protection and later chosen for resettlement to a third country. After years of uncertainty such a solution enables them to start their lives again in safe conditions.

In September 2015, IOM transferred another 66 Somali refugees the Emergency Transit Centre (ETC) in Humenne, Slovakia

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The refugees will stay in ETC for a maximum period of 6 months. With the assistance of IOM they will undergo security interviews and medical examinations and attend cultural orientation courses which prepare them for life in a new country. After the successful completion of all preparation steps IOM will transport them from Slovakia to the United States of America or other countries which will give them a permanent home.

This is already a sixth group of Somali refugees temporarily admitted by the Slovak Republic on its territory. The overall number of refugees temporarily transferred to Slovakia has risen to 853 between 2009 when the Centre was opened and September 2015. The Centre provides a temporary shelter to refugees under the protection of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) based on the trilateral agreement between the Government of the Slovak Republic, UNHCR and IOM.

You can find more information on the programme here.

The activities of IOM in this project are financed by the US Government through its USRAP Program – United States Refugee Admissions Program or by similar programs of other resettlement countries.