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New website FromSkills2Work: How to Promote Labour Participation of Refugees

IOM the Netherlands has launched a European digital platform to help employers, migrants and helping organisations improve labour market access of residence permit holders in the Netherlands, Slovakia and other seven EU member states: Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The website offers information on services, organizations, projects and initiatives that support the identification of skills, knowledge and competencies of beneficiaries of international protection and their access to labour market. The platform also shows employment success stories from migrants and their employers in each participating member state.

The early validation of formal and informal competences is crucial for the successful labour participation of beneficiaries of international protection.

Take a look at the Skills2Work platform.

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IOM - Logo Skills2work Project          Logo - Co-funded by the European Union

The platform is part of IOM’s EC funded Skills2Work initiative, which focuses on skills recognition with a European reach.

Project partners in Slovakia are: Pontis Foundation and the Migration Office of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.