Siblings Adam and Majka left for England together with Robo who was their relative. He suggested to their mother that he would accommodate both of them at his place and would help them find a job through an employment agency. Their mother trusted him enough to allow her children to go with him.

Robo lived in a town of Peterborough, together with his large family. Right after their arrival, Adam and Majka went to visit an employment agency. However, since they did not speak any English they did not get any job. Robo got angry and as long as they did not earn any money, he made them help with housework. Majka ended up with cleaning the house, washing dishes and cooking while Adam took care of the courtyard and shopping. Even though they tried to do their best, Robo was rarely satisfied with them. Other members of the family did not stand up for them; on the contrary, they chose to enjoy themselves at their situation and treated the siblings very spitefully. When Adam and Majka called their mother, Robo stood by and listened carefully to everything they said so they had to lie about their jobs and wellbeing. Robo forbade them to leave the house and his attacks intensified. Adam had to manage the shopping in a set time, being only one minute late was met with physical assault. Once when Robo was discontent again, Adam had to stand in the rain for two hours. At another time Robo made the siblings fight against each other, just for the fun of it. When Majka dropped folded clothes, Robo beat her so badly that she was bruised and wounded all over her body. It took two months for them to leave and contact the local police.

Robo was taken into custody and with the help of IOM the siblings returned to Slovakia. However, they cannot return to their mother since Robo’s relatives live nearby and they threaten the siblings with further assault. That’s why Adam and Majka live in a safe shelter in a different town and meet their mom elsewhere. IOM helps them find a job and provides them with counselling sessions which help them cope with their traumatic experience.

(Names were changed for security reasons.)

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IOM Bratislava implements the Programme of Return and Reintegration for Trafficked Persons as a part of the national Programme of Support and Protection for Victims of Human Trafficking, which is financed by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. Operation of the National Helpline for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings 0800 800 818 is financed by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. Technical operation of the helpline is provided by Slovak Telekom, a. s.