This international project was implemented by the International Organization for Migration ( IOM ) between September 2011 and August 2012 in seven European countries and in cooperation with partners from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. The project was a response to the different guardianship systems, diverse levels of standards of care or lack of fulfillment of obligations in the member states of the European Union (EU), that result from international law on child protection.

The aim of the project was to improve the quality of care and guardianship of unaccompanied minor asylum-seekers (UAMAS) and the harmonization of standards of care for this target group in accordance with international conventions and the relevant EU directives.

In the initial phase of the project, countries compiled information on their systems, policies and procedures in provision of guardianship and care for the UAMAS. The results were summarized in a joint report Overview of guardianship systems for unaccompanied minor asylum-seekers in Central Europe.

Based on the report, IOM developed a training manual and curriculum for guardians, caregivers and relevant professionals who provide care for unaccompanied minors. Trainers from different countries were trained in Warsaw in April 2012. They subsequently implemented national trainings for different groups of professionals focused on improving practices in the care for UAMAS. Training in Slovakia was implemented between 31 May to 1 June 2012 by IOM with the NGO project partner – Goodwill (Spoločnosť ľudí dobrej vôle) and trained 19 caregivers and other relevant workers with the UAMAS.

The project culminated on 14 - 15 June 2012 with final international conference in Budapest, social workers and caregivers from Slovakia presented the findings in providing guardianship and care acquired from the preparation of the national report and trainings in individual countries.

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The project was funded by the European Commission through the European Refugee Fund - Community Actions 2010.