Many people fleeing war in Ukraine search for up-to-date information in the language they understand. They are interested in knowing what residence options they have in Slovakia, how to change their residence status in Slovakia from temporary protection and what other assistance services they can benefit from.

On 29 July and 9 August 2022, IOM in coordination with the District Office in the town Martin donated another two batches of humanitarian aid to the Community Distribution Centre in Martin for people from Ukraine to secure their basic needs in personal hygiene and clothing, as well as equip them with basic kitchen tools and cleaning supplies.

Over the last few weeks, IOM Slovakia have provided hygiene kits for people in need from Ukraine and delivered them to assistance centres in Michalovce, Zakovce, Nitra and Bratislava in partnership with the Association of Christian Youth Communities.

Kyiv – Six months into the war in Ukraine, the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has risen again to 6.9 million people as of 23 August. According to the latest survey by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), most of over 300,000 new displacements since July occurred in the south and east of the country.

On 24 August 2022, members of the Ukrainian community in Bratislava celebrated the Independence Day of Ukraine. People in the Gabcikovo Accommodation Facility who fled the war and found temporary refuge here also joined the celebration.

Since the very first days of the war in Ukraine, after hours and days of back-breaking journey, thousands of people fleeing war in Ukraine arriving to Slovakia have got off at the bus and train station in Kosice. Water, food and place for relief represent their crucial need.

IOM continues providing humanitarian aid to the Community Center for Work and Knowledge Mobility (COMIN) in Nitra. On 18 August 2022, IOM delivered 7 pallets with clothing there.

The 24 August 2022 marks 6 months since the start of the war in Ukraine. It is our pleasure to share with you a report of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) about 6 months of IOM regional reponse to Ukraine crisis in 2022. More information you can also find on the IOM Global website.

On 16 August 2022, IOM Migration Information Centre in cooperation with Bottova Assistance Centre in Bratislava conducted a workshop Welcoming Slovakia for 18 temporary refuge holders from Ukraine.

On 25 July, IOM Slovakia supplied TENENET, o. z., operating in the Bottova Assistance Centre in Bratislava with 500 hygiene kits for women, children and men in emergency situation that fled war in Ukraine and are in search for covering basic elements of their livelihood, including hygienic items.