IOM offers training and counselling about residency and employment of non-EU and EU nationals in Slovakia to those employers who are interested in employing foreign nationals.

Our services are tailor made and you can choose which best fits your needs:

A. Training

We organize regular face-to-face trainings which provide the participants with practical information, best practices, case studies and real-life situations, as well as a detailed step-by-step guide on how to employ a foreigner and secure their residency in Slovakia. These trainings are held only in Slovak.

B. Tailor-Made Training

Training is designed specifically to your situation and it reflects your particular circumstances and needs.

The price for such a training depends on your requirements (e.g. number of attendees, duration of the training session, etc.)

C. Counselling Services

We offer counselling focused on practical steps in the employment of a foreign national. Consultations can be held in person, by phone, or online by e-mail or MS Teams. This will be decided based on your needs and preferences.

Consultation price: 80€ excl. VAT/ hour

Areas of Training and Counselling:

Employment of:

  • Visa and visa-free non-EU nationals and EU nationals
  • Students from abroad
  • Highly qualified foreigners - blue card holders
  • Non-EU nationals who need to change the purpose of their residence for employment
  • Posted or internationally transferred workers to Slovakia
  • Foreign nationals already employed with another employer in Slovakia

Temporary residence and work permit:

  • Relevant legislation, step-by-step guide on residence and work permit
  • Deadlines and other requirements
  • Most common mistakes
  • Examples of completed application form
  • Referrals to other useful sources of information

Other related topics according to your preference:

  • Recognition of education received abroad
  • Procedure of family reunification
  • Risk of illegal employment
  • Tips for adaptation programs and integration measures

We are happy to provide you with more information. Please contact us at:

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