Results are for the period of 24 February 2022 – 16 August 2023:

7,417 people assisted onsite

From the very first days of the war in Ukraine, IOM provided in-person immediate assistance, referrals, and information on temporary refuge and different life aspects in Slovakia to refugees at border crossing points and dedicated centres.

20,792 people assisted remotely

IOM´s Migration Information Centre (MIC) provided information and legal, social and job counselling to Ukrainians and non-EU nationals through infoline, email and other channels.

774,737 website visitors

People were searching for useful information on entry and stay in Slovakia available in Ukrainian, Slovak, English and Russian at the MIC website www.mic.iom.sk.

686 professionals trained in counter-trafficking

Professionals involved in the provision of services for refugees and TCNs participated in 41 IOM training sessions about counter-trafficking awareness and prevention.

IOM conducted another 59 training sessions, workshops, and awareness-raising sessions for 623 participants about protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, protection from gender balance violence, how to work with clients and intercultural communication. In addition, IOM held another induction training about mental health and psychosocial support for implementing partners and IOM psychologists.

737 beneficiaries of cash assistance

IOM provided cash assistance to people who are taking full-time care of adult Ukrainian citizens with disabilities and to adult Ukrainian citizens with specific needs and serious medical conditions.

10,984 people were provided with psychological support

IOM provided psychological first aid to 942 adults and 181 children and additional individual psychological counselling to 1,133 adults and 219 children.

War-affected people have also been assisted by participating in group sessions. 1,902 adults and children participated using this format of support, while 5,353 adults and children participated in socio-relational and 1,237 adults and children participated in psychoeducational activities. Another 17 people were referred to specialized services.

In addition to this support, IOM secures the supervision of professionals from other institutions and helps organizations that provide services to people from Ukraine.

The support is realized also thanks to the cooperation with IPčko as the IOM´s implementing partner providing their counselling and assistance to people from Ukraine in all eight regions of Slovakia.

143 courses of IOM Slovak language courses

From the outbreak of the war, over 2,810 Ukrainian citizens have learnt the Slovak language in 63 courses in an online format and 80 in-person courses at Bottova Assistance Centre in Bratislava, Gabcikovo Accommodation Facility, Nitra, Trencin, Presov, Zilina, Trnava, Banska Bystrica, Banska Stiavnica, Piestany and Kosice.

21,021 tonnes of humanitarian aid for Ukraine

To support the continued delivery of goods into Ukraine, since the beginning of the war, the IOM Supply Chain Hub in Slovakia has received 1,247 trucks, equating to 26,187 metric tonnes of goods.

From these and pre-existing supplies in the IOM Supply Chain Hub in Slovakia, the IOM managed to ship 1,001 trucks of goods to Ukraine, equal to a volume of 21,021 metric tonnes.

In response to Ukrainian refugees and TCNs arriving in Slovakia, IOM donated Slovakia the following humanitarian aid: 30,305 blankets, over 14,648 hygiene kits, over 96,359 pcs of clothing, more than 489 medical items such as defibrillators, wheelchairs, walking aids, resuscitation figurine, crutches, equipment for breastfeeding and baby care room, 480 kitchen kits, 100,142 cleaning and hygiene items, and over 28,466 cleaning, kitchen items, appliances (including fans, refrigerators, clothes dryers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners), non-perishable food items and other items.

718 beneficiaries of accommodation

IOM assisted 599 persons mainly in vulnerable situations – single mothers, elderly people and those with chronic illnesses – to find and secure temporary accommodation in Airbnb facilities in Slovakia and another 119 persons with housing in Kosice.

10,143 surveys

IOM conducted data collection across key sites through 3,872 face-to-face interviews with Ukrainian refugees and TCNs about their needs and intentions across border crossing points and key sites in the country.

IOM continues to collect data to assess the needs and intentions of people returning to Ukraine. To date, IOM has conducted 6,271 assessments across key sites in the country.