The film 0800 800 818 explores a current problem of our society: human trafficking. The victims describe their real stories – a man forced into begging in Italy, woman forced into working without being paid in the Netherlands, man exploited on a building construction site in England and last but not least, a woman forced to work in sex business in Switzerland.

People who believed the story of a fake employment agency talk about how easy it is to fall into the trap of traffickers. This fake employment agency was created just for the purpose of the film. The agency was located in a rented place and attracted people to work abroad through a website. After their job interview at the agency, many people left happy convinced that they would be leaving for work just in a few days... The film reveals the tactics of traffickers and their methods of manipulating potential victims. It also makes it clear what to do if a person becomes a victim of trafficking.

Prevention film 0800 800 818 from 2011 complemented the already existing 2003 film “It Cannot Happen to Me“. The film 0800 800 818 presents the problem of human trafficking for the purpose of forced labour and forced begging.

Both films can be used in their prevention practice by community social workers, municipal police prevention officers, school prevention specialists, workers in re-education and foster care facilities, staff in psychological counselling and prevention centres, etc.

The document was produced by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in cooperation with the director Marcel Pázman and financial help of the Crime Prevention Council of the Government of the Slovak Republic, the British Embassy in the Slovak Republic, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Slovak Republic, and the Slovak Audio-Visual Fund.