Download the application SAFE and do not become a victim of human trafficking

The mobile application SAFE Travel & Work Abroad warns about the risk of human trafficking and provides advice what to do if you find yourself in dangerous situations. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) developed the SAFE application in 2016 and in March 2021 introduced four new language versions of the application.

IOM - Banner mobile application SAFE Travel & Work Abroad available in 11 languages

Apart from Slovak, Czech, English, French, German,  Hungarian and Polish, the application is also available in Roma, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian language since March 2021.

“By making the application available in more languages we want to bring the topic of working abroad and the related risks of human trafficking to as many people as possible. The application can be very useful for both Slovak citizens or citizens of other countries who work abroad or consider travelling abroad for work,“ explains Zuzana Vatráľová, the head of IOM office in Slovakia which has been active in counter-trafficking field since 2003.

In the interactive game users can try to escape the risk of becoming a victim of human traffickers. Moreover, the application provides advice on how to recognize signs of human trafficking, tips for safe travel abroad and important information on employment agencies and employment contracts.  

“The application contains useful tips and contacts for anyone who is in dangerous situation. With the help of the SAFE application and their smartphones, users have this information available all the time. The application is also a useful tool in prevention work and is used by professionals working with those people who are at most risk of becoming victims of human trafficking,“ emphasises Zuzana Vatráľová.  

IOM also updated the application with new information related to the departure of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union. Based on the data of the Slovak Ministry of Interior, the United Kingdom is one of the most frequent countries where Slovak citizens become victims of human trafficking.

“After the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU the possibilies for legal work have been reduced. We think it is important to inform people interested in working in the country on what they need to do to get work visa and increase their safety while travelling and working abroad,“ explains Zuzana Vatráľová.

The application SAFE if available for free download in Google Play and App Store and on the website Detailed information on how to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking is also available on the website

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IOM Slovakia has updated the application Safe Travel & Work Abroad in the framework of the project SAFE Work and Travel – Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings in SK, CZ and PL, which is implemented together with La Strada organization in the Czech Republic and Poland. The project is funded by the International Visegrad Fund.