During October and November 2015, International Organization for Migration (IOM) carried out six trainings for 111 professionals from Centers of Pedagogical and Psychological Counseling and Prevention, children’s homes, re-education and low-threshold centers, and field social workers from all over Slovakia.

The participants of the trainings learned practical information about human trafficking,  gained new skills and engaged in thematic activities that can be used in their work with young people in order to raise their awareness about human trafficking and avoid that they become victims of traffickers.

Trained proffesionals can use valuable preventive information, tips on safe travelling and recommendations in their practice and thus reduce the risks of working abroad among the youth in schools and other institutions. 

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The trainings were implemented under the project „Don’t Become a Slave! – Prevention of Human Trafficking Through Training of Trainers“ which was financially supported by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.