Yelyzaveta Halina, IOM Slovakia

I have a diary which I really like because I can express my emotions and thoughts in it. There is a special section which is called “100 dreams”. One of them came true. It was a point number 55 and it looked like that: “Working for the United Nations.”

In June 2022, eight IOM consultants working on the Slovak-Ukrainian border learnt about human trafficking and its mechanism to be able to deliver proper information and preventive steps.

IOM Slovakia published its fourth rapid report based on 1,027 face-to-face interviews about displacement patterns, needs and intentions of Ukrainian refugees (99 %) and third-country nationals arriving to Slovakia.

Since April 2022 a cycle of 26 online courses of Slovak language has hosted 520 people. Out of them, 15 courses provided important basics of Slovak language to temporary refuge holders from Ukraine. Another cycle of online courses will start in mid-August.

IOM Slovakia continues with the delivery of vital humanitarian aid at the Gabčíkovo Accommodation Facility, currently hosting 970 people that fled emergency situation in Ukraine.

Yelyzaveta, IOM Slovakia consultant

I used to be an English teacher before the war, and I lost my job on 24 February. When I arrived in Slovakia, I really felt that I needed to help Ukrainians who could face some problems during their stay in a new country.

IOM released the second displacement analysis of third-country nationals (TCNs) who left Ukraine and arrived in Slovakia and those who exited the country towards Ukraine. The second report covers the period of 24 February – 23 June 2022 (including).

Jakub, IOM Czechia

It was not difficult for me to decide whether to remain sitting in my duty station in Prague or to directly assist people from Ukraine.

Thirty Ukrainians learnt about how to look for a job using the Profesia.sk web portal, what not to forget when looking for a job, how IOM Migration Information Centre (IOM MIC) can help them with their first steps in Slovakia and which IOM MIC services non-EU nationals in Slovakia can benefit from.

On 28 June 2022, senior lawyers of the IOM Slovakia Migration Information Centre trained six lawyers of the Slovak NGO Human Rights League about Slovak labour law. They provide legal counselling to Ukrainian refugees at the Bottova Assistance Centre in Bratislava.