Thanks to the film This Rain Will Never Stop, IOM brought attention to the vulnerability and destiny of foreigners who find themselves in foreign countries which are in war and who must flee the war several times in their life.

In response to the vulnerability of people fleeing the war in Ukraine, often in desparate situation seeking for refuge and jobs to cover their vital needs and earn a livelihood, IOM in collaboration with the National Labour Inspectorate trained altogether 75 inspectors from Labour Inspectorates.

On 4 October 2022, IOM delivered medical equipment and medical supplies to the Gabcikovo Accommodation Facility currently hosting almost 1,000 people who fled the war in Ukraine.

On 20 October 2022, IOM and IPčko teams in Kosice organized an event for Ukrainian children who together with their mothers fled the war in Ukraine. Children took part in an interactive activity using pictures to learn a narrative form of speaking.

In October 2022, IOM delivered two washing machines and two dryers to BUBO Asylum House at Sancova Street in Bratislava which serves as a collective accommodation for people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

This article is in Ukrainian language and is available also in Slovak language.

Консультанти громадської асоціації IPčko у партнерстві з МОМ Словаччини надають психосоціальну допомогу та підтримку людям, які були змушені прибути до Словаччини у зв'язку з війною в Україні.

Since August 2022, IPčko as the IOM´s implementing partner has provided psychosocial assistance and counselling to 1,118 people who fled the war in Ukraine, mostly women and children, in 20 towns in Slovakia. Many of them are assisted repeatedly.

IOM responds to this significant alert and continues in training of frontline workers at the border, assistance centres and accommodation facilities who can warn about the risks of human trafficking and know what to do if they meet a potential victim of human trafficking.

On 7 October 2022, IOM delivered another batch of vital assistance – 1,400 kitchen items to the humanitarian assistance distribution centre in the shopping mall Aupark in Bratislava run by the initiative Who will help Ukraine and its partner, humanitarian organisation ADRA Slovakia.

On 21 September 2022, IPčko mobile team and IOM team in Kosice organised a first group of psychosocial support for a dozen of Ukrainian children who together with their families found temporary refuge in Slovakia.