In January 2023, IOM donated 50 folding beds to Volunteer Fire-group in Presov. Occasionally, big groups of displaced people on the run from Ukraine come at the same time and it can be challenging to provide all of them a decent place to sleep. In cases like this, folding beds can serve to numerous people at once.

Hygiene supplies for babies and children, washing powder or diapers – these simple things of everyday use can make basic living conditions of war-affected Ukrainian families much better. 

From November 2022 until the beginning of January 2023, IOM in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic delivered non-food items such as beds, blankets, hygienic items and heaters that will serve in case of the activation of the contingency plan of the Ministry of Interior.

In January 2023, IOM distributed about 1,000 blankets for Ukrainian refugees living in the humanitarian centre in Gabcikovo. Seniors and elderly people received the blankets first in a row, followed by mothers with children and everyone else.

IOM new staff members trained in prevention of human trafficking will assist in Bratislava, Trnava, Banska Bystrica, Trencin, Zilina and Gabcikovo Accommodation Facility to people fleeing the war in Ukraine and citizens of other countries. 

In January, IOM distributed two wheelchairs for adults and children with disabilities in the Kosice hotspot. Wheelchairs can significantly help people with disabilities with the transfer.

In December 2022, IOM donated 30 kitchen sets to people who fled the war in Ukraine and who are now accomodated in Housing Assistance Programme in Kosice.

International Organization for Migration (IOM) helps distributing food aid to people who flee the war in Ukraine. Every day, approximately 60 parcels of non-perishable food from Social Food Dispensary are provided or directly distributed to families and individuals in need who found a safe refuge in Michalovce and in the surrounding.

People fleeing war and conflicts might be of need of assistance to cope with the new and old situations they might have experienced in their war-torn country and on their run to a place of refuge. They are often challenged to build their social life from scratch.

In November and December 2022, IOM Slovakia delivered to the central warehouse of Caritas Slovakia more than 6,500 hygiene kits for women, men, children and also 280 packs of diapers for babies.